Easton  is a transgender Director of Photography based in New York City. Having grown up in the suburbs of New Jersey he found he was surrounded by nearby cities, nature reserves, and plenty of beaches along the coast, his sense of curiosity for the world grew from there. 
He studied cinematography and visual anthropology at Temple University. While at Temple, he immersed himself in his LGBTQ community and activism working on projects and documentaries that centered those narratives, he was awarded the Temple Lavender award for his work within the LGBT community upon graduating.  He studied abroad in India two consecutive years in college to work alongside a Professor to document an ancient citadel that had been destroyed years prior, that project became a 20 minute observational documentary that was shown at conferences and in Harvard classes. 
Since graduating he has worked first as a camera assistant and now as a director of photography, working on dozens of high end productions, with well known companies and brands. The narratives and documentary films he has shot have been featured in film festivals all over including Black Star Film Festival, Outfest, Newfest, and Frameline.
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